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2019-06-04, Holidays of Clarkson

Review by: Zaneta

Hi Zlatko, we made it home safe and sound. Joe and I will send you a more detailed feedback in the next few days, but in short, this was a trip our clients will remember for a long time. For many it was their best trip ever. Thank you for all of the seamless arrangements as we travelled through your beautiful country. Best regards

2018-09-14, Casablanca

Review by: Marina S

Thank you very much Zlatko. We had a fabulous week - Croatia is beautiful and we enjoyed seeing the coastline and swimming in the sea. Casablanca is a very special boat and the crew were fantastic.

2018-09-13, Mama Marija

Review by: Mike C

Hi Maks , We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip on the Mama Marija. The ship is beautiful and the places we visited were lovely. The cruise director Ana was the perfect host and she helped everything run smoothly. The crew also worked hard to ensure we all had a memorable holiday. If we had one disappointment it would have to be that the food was not up to our expectations, or others , for the price paid. Thank you for all your assistance. Regards Mike and Suzanne

2018-06-20, Otac Nikola

Review by: Ingalill

Hi Zlatko, I want to send you information that we have had a lovely vacation onboard OTAC Nikola. The crue have been very good to us and we had lovely stops to swim and enjoy. We also enjoyed the transfer for us that you arranged. So thank you Zlatko for all that you arranged for us. It was a very nice Saranda trip. Best Regards

2017-08-11, Adriatic Pearl

Review by: Mike & Joanne N.

We just returned from a wonderful weeks cruising on board the Adriatic pearl , everything about the ship and its crew were 1st class . My wife had a most enjoyable holiday one that she says was one of our best . The islands were of rich beauty ,and the people are so lovely . We Will look to return to your breathtaking country hopefully next year and hasten to add we will look to book with yourselves again. Many thanks Maks

2017-08-01, Krila

Review by: David

Hi Maks, We've been home a few days now and on behalf of my family and friends I want to say a big THANK YOU to you for all your help in making our Cruise on Krila 7 possible. We had a wonderful time and the weather was on our side too! The boat was even better than expected and the Captain, crew and cook all lovely people. By the end of the week we had all become good friends and it was very sad when we had to disembark! Thanks again for everything. All best wishes

2017-07-01, Splendid

Review by: Jess and co

Hi Zlatko, I just wanted to say thanks again for a great cruise everything went really smoothly and everyone had a great time. I understand it was a difficult group to organis. Cheers

2017-05-30, Splendid

Review by: Tom

We did Bordeaux this past Spring, and are doing a Cruise on the Rhine/Mosel in 2019 with 120+ travelers, but many of our people are still saying last year’s Croatia trip was the best!! Hope all is well with you! Take care, and look forward to hearing from you! Thanks Zlatko!

2016-10-05, M/S Mendula

Review by: Carlos

Dear Maks, I just wanted to thank you because everyone did very well on the cruise that we booked with you. I will recommend it to friends and family in Spain and France. Best regards

2016-09-15, M/S Karizma

Review by: Freny

Just dropping you a line to tell you that I have returned from our trip to Croatia & we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Your country is beautiful & needs to be promoted more. I have personally made it my project! The cruise you arranged was great, our ship Karizma and the accommodations were very satisfactory & the cruise manager Jelena & all the crew were terrific. Thank you for facilitating all the arrangements for us. Regards

2016-09-11, Karizma

Review by: Mike & Joanna

Once again a fantastic cruise in Croatia , love going to different places along the cruise , especially Makarska and Split. The ship was very impressive though we did feel there were some finishing touches were required,but nothing that spoilt it for us . Overall 10/10 for us again. Thank you & best regards, Mike & Joanne N.

2016-09-08, Mendula

Review by: Jose

Just to let you know that We had the best time ever in the Sept 26th Mendula cruise. The trip exceeded my expectations tremendously. Incredible crew including Marco the bartender, Martin was is an excellent Guide, Denis the Captain likes what he does, very good Captain. Jose

2016-08-16, Corona

Review by: Jean

Hello Maks Just back from our week on the Corona. It was excellent! The Captain changed the itinerary considerably, but always to our advantage - and we had more swimming stops than I’d hoped too. Our tour leader Ana was excellent and we had a wonderful holiday.

2016-04-06, Corona

Review by: Pat

Hi Zlatko and Maks Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your service. My friend Jane handled all the booking details with you initially and I only dealt with you at the last minute when I wanted to upgrade my cabin. You attended to my request promptly and efficiently for which I thank you. The MV Corona is a lovely vessel, and I would recommend this wonderful cruise around the Dalmation Coast very highly. The transfers from our hotel to the boat and then to the airport on leaving were perfectly timed and executed, as were all the arrangements you made for the holiday. Food on board is very good and extremely generous. Our cabin was the best on board - well worth the upgrade. Staff are all very friendly and efficient - as were you. Thank you once again.

2015-09-22, Princess Aloha

Review by: Denise C

Hi Zlatko, We all enjoyed the Dalmation Coast tour on Princess Aloha. We really liked the boat and enjoyed our trip to Croatia. Thanks for your good service. We just arrived back in the States yesterday but I wanted you to know we enjoyed it.

2015-09-01, Corona

Review by: Anne

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed our Croatian cruise aboard Corona. Everything was perfect and settled down after the muddle with the cabin. Thank you for your offer of a meal, it was not necessary but very kind of you. We met some great people from all over the World and the holiday was everything I wanted it to be. Best wishes

2014-10-10, Mendula

Review by: Alan & Gill

We very much enjoyed our holiday on the Mendula boat. The boat,the crew, the food, the cabins were all perfect and we had a wonderful time. Croatia is a beautiful country and the people are delightful. We were very lucky with the weather which was hot and sunny. We would certainly recommend this holiday to everyone. We thought the balance of sailing,sightseeing and guided tours was just right and there was plenty of time for relaxing and swimming. Captain Dennis & his crew were very friendly and professional and the boat was beautiful and very clean and well maintained. This was one of our best holidays ever and we will certainly return to Croatia again. Kind Regards

2014-09-01, Mendula

Review by: Jock and Rona Hawkey

Fantastic! We could not have been happier with our time aboard Mendula last week. From the minute we arrived and unpacked in our comfortable cabin, captain Dennis, his crew and guide treated us to an amazing week of cruising, beautiful Dalmation ports, guided tours, scenic warm swimming coves and exceptional meals. Their thoughtfulness,hospitality and humour never ended. This trip far exceeded our expectations and we will recommend it to all.

2014-09-01, Mali Ante

Review by: Sheridan Houghton

We have just completed a seven day cruise on the Mali Ante. We would like to say how much we enjoyed ourselves. The islands are beautiful. The ship was comfortable and clean. The food was very good. We especially enjoyed the occasions to swim from the back of the boat. The only thing lacking was a faster internet connection for updating our blog. Most importantly, the whole crew - Captain Ivan, Marko, Ivan, Miro, Josip, Dino and Filip - were extremely friendly and helpful and really added to our enjoyment. Thanks

2014-09-01, Krilo Pride

Review by: Kibbe Fitzpatrick

Dear Zlatko, You probably remember us. We started our cruise on the Krilo Pride on September 24th. It was absolutely wonderful. Everyone on board had a great time. The young lady in charge, Ana, was superb and I wanted to write her, thanking her again and saying we will never forget how warm and conscientious and thoroughly professional she was.

2014-08-01, M/S Mendula

Review by: Mark S.

Maks, We had an excellent time on the Mendula: superb boat. Thanks and please pass our best wishes on to the captain and crew. We are thinking of booking the same cruise next year, perhaps a week or two earlier. Regards

2014-07-10, Tajna Mora

Review by: Martin Lopez

Hi Maks, We very satisfied with the boat, the captain, the crew, the weather.........everything PERFECT. So, once again, thank you so much for your help and please make it extensive to the captain of the Tajna Mora. I hope that we can repeat it next year!

2014-07-01, Delecta Cruises

Review by: Diane and Derek Leftwich

Hi Maks, Thank you so much for arranging the tour with your company . Our Guide and Driver were fantastic and a pleasure to travel with . Boris Hermescec is very informative about the history of all areas we visited and would highly recommend him for any small travel groups you run. Regards

2014-06-14, Splendid

Review by: Jane Perona

Dear Zlatko, It’s now a week since we returned from our Adriatic Jewels cruise. I wanted to thank you personally for all the help, details and reassurances you gave me prior to our holiday. Our week on Splendid was indeed splendid. The boat and facilities were tip top and our lower deck cabin large and very comfortable. The itinerary was great and the multi-national group mixed really well. There was a lovely atmosphere. Every one of the crew was extremely helpful, kind and perceptive. Indeed, my husband had a birthday on our final day and a special cake with candles was presented to him! What a treat our holiday has been and what super places we visited. I’ll certainly recommend the holiday to friends. THANK YOU! With very best wishes,

2014-06-01, Princess Aloha

Review by: Fae

Hi Zlatko, I just wanted to thank you for your help with our holiday. We have been home a week now and we enjoyed the cruise so much. I can really recommend it, the Princess Aloha is amazing and we were very spoilt. I hope to return to Croatia again on either the end of October this year or June 2015. I want to see Istria next, especially Pula. And maybe do a walking holiday. Anyway thank you again for your help. Warmest regards

2014-06-01, Adriatic Jewels

Review by: Jane Perona-Wright

Dear Zlatko, It’s now a week since we returned from our Adriatic Jewels cruise. I wanted to thank you personally for all the help, details and reassurances you gave me prior to our holiday. Our week on Splendid was indeed splendid. The boat and facilities were tip top and our lower deck cabin large and very comfortable. The itinerary was great and the multi-national group mixed really well. There was a lovely atmosphere. Every one of the crew was extremely helpful, kind and perceptive. Indeed, my husband had a birthday on our final day and a special cake with candles was presented to him! What a treat our holiday has been and what super places we visited. I’ll certainly recommend the holiday to friends. THANK YOU! Best wishes

2013-09-09, Princess Aloha

Review by: Luba Radunsky.

Dear Zlatko, Yesterday we returned from our trip to Croatia and I would like to thank you for the wonderful trip. Regardless of the small glitch at the beginning of our tour, the rest was really perfect. We enjoyed the boat, sightseeing and post cruise land tour. Beautiful country, friendly people, great staff on the boat. It was a perfect combination of educational experience and time to relax and enjoy the sun, sea and local food. This vacation would not be possible without your knowledge, professionalism, attention to details, responsibility and dedication. It was a real pleasure working with you. I am sure the rest of our group feels the same way because we all had a great time. I would certainly recommend you to any of my friends who decide to visit your country in the future. Once again, thank you very much for the great vacation.

2013-08-31, Adriatic Pearl

Review by: Peter Coriasco

We had a great time on the Pearl, all eight of us. It was as advertized and even better. The staff was friendly, the food excellent and the weather cooperated, we had a full week of sunshine. A couple of updates to information you gave us, should future customers ask. 1. Gala night. No longer done, replaced with a Dalmatian Food dinner (which was excellent, got recipes from Darko) so no dress up clothes are needed. 2. Tipping. The Program director is included with the crew. Additional tipping for great service is optional 3. No choice for free drink during meals; a 1/2 liter bottle of water is provided at both lunch and dinner, any other drink must be paid for None of the above should be reflect on the overall experience, but should be made clear to future clients. All in all, a great experience, would definitely recommend it t others and consider doing a similar trip again. Asides from our time on the cruise, our overall experience with Croatia (Dubrovnik, Zagreb) were outstanding. The Croatian people are great, as were the sights, the food and the great wines and beer. If you have a direct link to your company or any related to the Pearl in Trip Advisor or other places please send them to me. And, if any customer would like direct information, do not hesitate to give him/her our name and email address. Thanks again for all your help and advise.

2013-07-01, M/S Mendula

Review by: Helen Warberg

This cruise was delightful. The crew, the ship and our guide were all competent, helpful and professional. Our stops were interesting, with English-speaking guides that shared the history and points of interest of their towns. The ship was very well kept and comfortable and the food delicious. Thanks to all who worked hard to make this a good experience. Sincerely

2013-06-27, La Belle d`Adriatique

Review by: Faye & Ron Candy

We had a great time aboard the La Belle d'Adriatique. The staff were wonderful, very friendly and accommodating, a special mention for Manuela who was great fun with a big smile for everyone. The meals were of a high standard with more than enough to eat and beautifully presented. The entertainment on board was great, all the staff had a part to play, either singing, dancing or performing magic tricks. I must make mention of Bela who every day, played keyboards and sang in either of the two lounge areas on board, he did a great job! There were also Bingo and quiz games each day to keep the passengers entertained. The La Belle d' Adriatique is a lovely vessel, very comfortable and clean, I could highly recommend cruising on this ship to everyone.

2013-06-09, Delecta Cruises

Review by: Julie

Hello Maks We have now arrived back in Australia and I wanted to contact you and let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our recent tour through Croatia on your tour Where the Mediterranean meets the Balkans. It was really great to have just the 4 of us take part in the tour and allowed as plenty of flexibility on a daily basis. The itinerary was comprehensive and we enjoyed the meals in the off beat locations, especially the family vineyard and the luncheon at Porto. We were lucky to have Boris as our guide as he was passionate, knowledgable and had a laid back style that suited our style of travelling. He shared some of his favourite coffee and eating spots with us which were great inclusions. We really felt we had made a new friend thanks to this tour. Croatia is certainly a beautiful country. We loved the amazing coastlines, the gorgeous lakes area and of course the abundance of beautiful coloured flowers and the lush green countryside. Not to mention the delicious strawberries and tomatoes. The tour was a good mix that gave us a great insight into the history together with the modern day troubles (Bosnia) of such a beautiful group of countries. Thanks again. Regards

2013-06-01, M/S Mendula

Review by: Cushla and John from New Zealand

We have recently returned from a tour around Europe and our highlight by far was a Cruise around Croatia on board “Mendula” The attention to detail was exceptional starting from when first making contact and booking the Cruise. We were kept in touch by regular email and contacted for a personal pick up from the hotel we were staying at prior to Cruise departure. The service, friendly staff, food, tour guide and choice of ports visited far exceeded our expectations and we can’t thank you enough. We happily give our permission to use this message of thanks from us as reference for any prospective customers in the future. “Just do it” !

M/S Krilo pride

Review by: Gan & Jean Wong

Just to let you know how much we enjoyed the cruise, and to thank you for your efficient service and prompt and helpful responses to our pre-cruise queries. If you have a newsletter or suchlike, or become aware of any special offers, please send them to us. We would love to return. Regards -

M/S Mendula

Review by: Gro Gjerdevik

Hi, just want to thank you for all your help regarding booking our cruise with Mendula. We had a wonderful trip. Yours sincerely

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Kjell Aanerød

Hello Zlatko The cruise went very well, and we all had a good time on the boat as well as on land. Every thing went as planned. Thank you a lot for the organization and for your help during planning of this cruise.

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Rob

Hi Zlatko, If the cruise is even close to as good as your service is – we will be very happy. The parking arrangement is fantastic and we will contact Nino on our arrival on the ship. Thanks for making it easy for us… Very best regards,

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Antonio

Thank you very much. We are only postponing it, we must do this trip next year. I will talk about your agency to all my friends, is rare to find your level of profesionalism, congratulations.

Tajna Mora.

Review by: Martin Lopez

Hi Maks, We very satisfied with the boat, the captain, the crew, the weather.........everything PERFECT. So, once again, thank you so much for your help and please make it extensive to the captain of the Tajna Mora. I hope that we can repeat it next year!

Magellan Pacific

Review by: Pauline Arnold

Hi Maks! Thank you so much for all the arrangements. We had a superb week on the Magellan Pacific, and enjoyed it very much indeed. Thank you to everyone.


Review by: Karen Confoy

Thank you very much for your assistance on our Croatian cruise aboard L'Austral. It was a wonderful cruise and we appreciate all of your help.

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Yon

I have a question: why couldn't we bring our own water? Alcohol and food are prohibited. I understand, but water is essential and basic like air. We don't mind tap water from the boat and we have been drinking it, but free spring water from town centres is way more environmentally friendly. Other than that, the trip has been fantastic. Regards ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Yon, I took a note about the water issue and I fully have understood your point. The thing is that bottled water onboard domestic motor sailers is usually purchased from the ship`s bar and this is why ship owners do not serve tap water at dinner tables unless differently agreed with a charterer i.e. with those who charter our ships for the closed groups and agree onboard services for each particular group and particular cruise. On none of our ships which are booking on individual basis water is served for free. Any beverages/drinks which do not belong to the bar`s inventory list may be a subject to authorities inspection as something that is being sold illegally onboard i.e. without properly issued bills. Also the ship owners do not allow any food/drinks to be brought onboard because they are responsible for the safety and health of passengers related to anything brought aboard which is beyond their control. I agree that water served at dinner tables is something that is usual on larger passenger ships. However on our domestic cruises aboard motor sailers it has never been the policy which more has to do with how through the history water was considered on the Croatian coast as a luxury. Namely these areas are situated on the so called karst terrain which does not retain water easily. This fact somehow remained an integral part of the local life and psychology. I hope that you enjoyed the cruise and that you will bring back home nice memories. Thank you again for using our company. All the best, Zlatko

Le Boreal

Review by: Steve and Ruth Mohyla

Dear Zlatko, we just want to tell you that we had a wonderful time on our Adriatic Cruise aboard Le Boreal. Thank you. Sincerely,

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Debby, Sugar Land, Texas

We loved the cruise! It was wonderful! I have already recommended your ship to several other travel agents. It seems that travelers are wanting a small ship cruising experience. Croatia was beautiful and so were the people. We loved all the towns that we visited and the swims in the gorgeous Adriatic. I would love to get one of you over here to go to some of the travel shows that go on in the States, especially Texas. This would help you get your name out here. The experience on your ship is something everyone should experience! Thank you so much for such an awesome experience. It is our plan to come back again!

Royal Clipper

Review by: Marc

Maks: We just returned from Royal Clipper and the trip was EXCELLENT! Thank you for all of your help

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Rod and Pat

I know you and Rod have written back and forth a few times and that he has thanked you for your very professional help with our trip to Croatia and Slovenia. Please add my name to those thanks you's too. The whole trip was as successful a trip as we have ever run - and perhaps the most fun for us too. The day you planned for Lim Bay, oyster tasting, Motovun, and lunch at St. Peter in the Woods was really fabulous. AND, the Klapa singers in Split blew everyone away!

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Linda and Gerard, Australia

Hi Zlatko, We've arrived home safely following a great holiday in beautiful Croatia. The coach tour went well, driver and guide were both warm, friendly, helpful and informative. All the guided tours went well. The weather was perfect. The boat trip was exceptional. Once again friendly helpful staff. The boat was immaculate. Food was great. Gerards only complaint was that they made him drink too much beer. Thanks for all of your assistance in arranging the bookings and transfers. We will confidantly offer your services to anyone who is considering a holiday in Croatia. You certainly have a beautiful country.

MS Barbara

Review by: Petra, Active Travel

Dear Zlatko Thank you for your mail. The customers were absolutely happy with the cruise and the MS Barbara. They enjoyed the trip very much. Thank you again for your cooperation. Best regards

Delecta Cruises

Review by: David Muirhead

Hi Zlatko, Just a note to thank you very much for your very detailed and prompt reply to all my queries. Your service is sensational. Thank you for the wonderful cruise!! Cheers

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Allen

Zlatko, We surely had a very nice trip. The crew went out of their way to make us comfortable so we could enjoy. I thought the excursions guides were all very knowledgeable and eager that we know the history and local color though I thought the stops on the islands were so beautiful that we could use more time to bask in it. Thank you so much for your help (The transfer in Venice was very smooth) Thought you might like the photo.

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Paul & Annemarie, Vancouver

We have many very pleasant memories of our cruise and have shared our experiences countless times with friends already. We had a very enjoyable dinner on Friday night with Nicole and Alen - our friends who couldn't make it. They loved our pictures and hearing about the trip. The pictures you sent are great. Much appreciated. This helps add to our memories. I have attached a photograph for you that Annemarie took of our calamari and squid feast in Sali (I think it was Sali) . Renaming the photos is a good idea-will do the same with ours. The weather here has been unusually cool and damp which is not all bad since I am still trying to catch up on my work. It would be nice to have a few of your hot days though. thanks again for all the good times!!! - and have a great summer

Delecta Cruises

Review by: McKelly

Dear Maks, Thank you for your excellent service. I will certainly recommend you and come back to you again maybe in 2011. Yours sincerely,

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Nick Kent

Hello Zlatko, I hope you are well. My wife and I had a terrific time on in the Adriatic in June - thanks for your help. Tomi and the rest of the crew were terrific and the weather splendid. We were both keen to take a trip (on Andrea) that featured Sicily, Greece and Turkey (the Ancient Trade Routes of the Med) but it seems that you won’t be doing this next year. I was just wondering if you had any suggestions with your other ships. Best regards,

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Brian Milestone

Hi, We are now back in New Zealand after a wonderful 6 week holiday in Italy and Croatia. Thank you again for the effort you went to book us on the cruise. Impressions:A very informative cruise, giving a good insight into the coastal waters, islands and cities of Croatia. The length of the cruise was good, and the time spent in each stop excellent. So many cruises spend too little time at each place. The shore excursions were very good, and covered areas of much interest to us. We found the day trip to Montenegro excellent, as it allowed a good perspective of the hinterland, so much different to the coastal strip. The lectures associated with the cruise were informative and generally very good. A very stable boat - although we did not encounter any rough seas - with a comfortable cabin, although a little noisy. We believed that the cruise represented good value for money, although I would question whether I would say the same if I had purchased a higher grade cabin Negatives : . A friendly crew who tried hard but did fall down in some areas. Lack of readily available advance information on locations visited. While maps, etc were usually available some time after berthing after on board staff had visited the local information offices, it is difficult to understand why a dossier of information is not held on the ship since the ports of call are common for most cruises. Overall, we are glad that we chose to see Croatia. It was a relaxing, no hassle informative holiday. Thank you for helping make it happen. Regards

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Jennifer Thoews, BA, CA

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I had a wonderful time in Croatia. Everything you suggested was fabulous and the seven days on the boat was the best! Thanks again for all your assistance with making this trip extra special. Also I have some colleagues here in Bermuda who are considering planning a trip to Croatia, so I'll put them in touch with you. Thanks again!

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Bart

Thanks for your message. You are right - constructive comments are always useful. So many companies go into defence mode when they get comments from guests but i always feel that if the guest is trying to be helpful then it is worth considering what they say. Actually, i was interested in your comments about the program this year. We enjoyed Cres - so its always going to be a trade off on a 7 day cruise. Don't get me wrong I loved Dubrovnik and Split but after living in Monaco for 10 years, I know how much more pleasant a place can be when the number entering are limited. I guess most first time visitors to Croatia will want to see Dubrovnik and Spilt and so you are always going to have the problem of these two places being too popular and accessible to the large cruise ships. My feeling is that in time you would do better to concentrate on the smaller less crowded ports where your craft has the advantage of their size/draft. I am sorry we didn't meet. I hadn't realised that you acted as teh guide in Pula - pity. May be in future you will be bringing Croatians to visit SA!! Please do keep us advised of upcoming cruises. We will certainly look at coming again and we are singing your company praises here. We already have a few friends hitting your website for cruises next year. Do stay in touch.

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Jocelyn

Your excellent customer assistance means that I will happily recommend you to friends and family. Thank you and I look forward to contacting you again in the future,

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Neil

Dear Zlatko, Thanks for your prompt responses as always ; I remain most impressed with your organisation; a reflection on what what my research showed initially. I hope our paths cross again, perhaps we may see you in Croatia. Kind regards,

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Rod and Pat

Good morning Zlatko from sunny Palm Springs California, This evening will be very exciting for our clients and us. Really, the music we heard at the restaurant in Omis really was moving and one of our trip highlights. I personally like the deep bass voice of the men...the super bass I guess you'd call it... just about rattles the fillings out of your head! Best regards and thanks for all the arrangements. Temporarily living the lifestyle of the rich and famous...

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Vera Stojcevski, Australia

The cruise was lovely and everyone enjoyed it immensely. The ship was great and the crew were fantastic, the day excursions were great, our tour guides were great especially Sandra in Slovenia. Plitvice Lakes were amazing, someone of my clients rated them as good if not better than the Grand Canyon in Nevada USA, so that was great to hear, however as the age group was between 60 and 85 years old some of them found it a difficult walking for 2-3hrs, possibly next time we can make it shorter and a bit slower passed. Kind Regards,

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Mary

I have been to Croatia 3 times and it is one of my favorite countries. My dad was from there (from the small island of Molat off the coast of Zadar) - he came to the USA back in 1922 when he was 11 years old. I can never get enough of Croatia and I am now overwhelmed with memories after the cruise. Thanks again! Warm regards

Delecta Cruises

Review by: Rod and Pat

Dear Dr.Z, I will write a longer response but right now I am working on a DVD to mail our clients in LA. Talk about a "labor of love". You express yourself so well in English, reminding me what a terrific job you did with our clients in Croatia. More later...

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