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Romantic Star

Debuting in May 2016 with her latest state-of-the-art amenities the M/S Romantic Star is indeed one of the top yacht like ships setting sail on our domestic cruises.

She offers an ultimate comfort in her 18 spacious passengers cabins following the design trends in the construction of small pasenger ships in Croatia.

With Romantic Star in mind we are additonally offering all the advantages of small ship cruising such as docking in tiny ports with experience of the sights close up in combination with luxurious accommodation.

Technical details

Flag: Croatian
Nationality of Officers: European
Nationality of Crew: European
No. of Crew: 7
Official Language:English
Passenger Capacity: 38


Cabins are made under new standards,each cabin has A/C,LCDTV,mini-bar, safe deposit box, fire alarm, internal communication system between room and bar (also for announcements from captain or tourleader), lifejackets, cupboard, cabinet, small table with chair and porthole window. Luggage space is under the bed.

Bathrooms are equipped with WC, shower, wash basin, hairdryer, slippers, bathrobe, and cosmetic package.Cabins are sound-proof and each cabin has fire- proof doors.

Most of the cabins have in door passage to the bar and restaurant.

Main Deck
4 twin bed cabins
6 double bed cabins

Lower Deck (all cabins with inner communication to the restaurant)
3 twin bed cabins
5 double bed cabins


A fully air-conditioned salon-restaurant is on the upper deck where guests can have their privacy with large windows, and which c an accommodate all passengers at once.

The restaurant is equipped with a bar and LCDTV, and each table has easy-access chairs.

There is also a corner table for buffet breakfast, arm chair and small coffee table in the bar,as well as free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi),loud-speakers, audio-system, and a direct telephone communication cabin-bar. The kitchen is made in line with the atest HACCP standards. An extension of the restaurant is outdoors, on the covered part of the upper deck,spacious enough for all passengers and tables,chairs and including one public lavatory.

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